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The Best Real Estate Program to Schedule Showings

Save countless hours per month by allowing prospects and buyer's agents to schedule showings online either directly from your website or via an embedded link in the MLS listing details.

This innovative real estate program allows you and your sellers to set blocked times that the listing is unavailable for showings along with the option to approve or deny showings via email. Reminders can be sent to you, your sellers, and the showing agent to avoid "no-shows" and keep all parties on the same page.

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Real Estate Agent Features:

Provide sellers with a personal username and password to the calendar.
Set dates and times that listings are available for showings.
Add to your website for prospects to schedule showings themselves.
Showing confirmation emails are sent to you, your seller, and showing agents.
Receive alerts when showings are confirmed with buyer's agents for a listing.
All pending and confirmed showing appointments are visible to you and the seller.
Easily schedule, confirm, and delete appointments on a single page using the Dashboard.
All pending and confirmed showing appointments are visible to you and the seller.
Office admins will have a console to take showing appointments by phone (team/office versions only).
View all future scheduled showing appointments.
No limit on how many showings can be booked at a single time.
Showings can be automatically approved without confirmation if desired.
Send email to all showing agents with the click of one button with eblast.
Integrate your Showing Calendar® with Outlook Calendar (iCal).
Integrate with Homefeedback® for automating gathering real estate feedback right after showings.
Integrate with Homefollowup for automating email campaigns for all of your showings.
Track advertising and marketing to find out how they found you.
Can be combined with Listing Sync to import listings directly from your MLS.
Tablet friendly version optimized for Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Mobile version available for all smart phones.

Home Seller Features:

A welcome e-mail is sent to every seller added with their own username and password.
View all showings in their private seller account.
Set dates and times that listings are available for showings.
View and approve showing appointments easily from your mobile device
Confirm showings on your property for sale.
Modify blocked times if showing availability changes.
Be sent a reminder email for an upcoming showing.
Check your upcoming showings.

Showing Agent Features:

Book appointments for listings you want to show.
Easily see what dates and times are available saving time.
No limit on how many showings you can book.

Prospect Features:

No need to leave messages to track down the agent to find out when the home is available.
Schedule and appointment for any listing directly from the agent's website.
Email confirmation of the date and time chosen.

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