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Centralized Showing Service for Realtors

Showing Calendar® is a centralized showing service to help you easily schedule and manage showings on your listings.

Showing Calendar® centralized showing service helps you schedule and manage showings by allowing prospects to schedule showing appointments directly from your website. Once a prospect schedules a showing, you and your seller will receive a notification email with the option to approve or deny the showing request. Showing Calendar® allows you and your sellers to block out unavailable dates/times to avoid schedule conflicts.

Showing Calendar® is easy to setup, completely web-based, and compatible with any real estate website.


Showing Calendar Benefits:

  • Preset the dates and times that the listing is available for showing; sellers can also block out times to avoid any scheduling conflicts.
  • Prospects and buyer's agents can simply click on a "Schedule a Showing" link from either MLS or listing webpage, fill out a form, and have you confirm a showing appointment via email.
  • Eliminates the need for scheduling negotiations with you and sellers having the power to set blocked times; prospects will only have the ability to request appointments for times the property is available.
  • Email reminders can be sent out automatically to all parties to prevent missed appointments, lost time, and lost profits.
  • Easily schedule, confirm, delete, and view showing appointments on a single page using the Dashboard.
  • Book as many showing appointments needed with this centralized showing service; Showing Calendar works to fit your needs.
  • Track how much activity each listing is getting by easily viewing all of the scheduled showings; sellers enjoy having this information at their fingertips as well.
  • Track your marketing and advertising efforts by seeing how prospects heard about your property (team and office versions only).
  • Easily integrates with HomeFeedback to automate the process of gathering feedback after the showing. Add HomeFeedback to your plan and a series of feedback request emails will go out to the showing agent an hour after the showing occurs.
  • Available in Showing Suite bundles and easily integrates with our entire software line-up
  • Tablet friendly version optimized for Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox Mobile version available for all smart phones.


Get a glimpse of what's inside a Showing Calendar® account by checking out the images above.


How it works

The dates and times that the home is available for showings must first be determined by the listing agent and the home seller. Both the home seller and listing agent (you) will have independent logins with access to block subsequent times that the home is unavailable for showings (example: having a party, etc).

Simply add the Showing Calendar® link that is created for each of your listings to your website, or add the link to the listing details in the MLS.

Prospective buyers and showing agents that visit your site will have the ability to choose the day and time to tour the property as long as the selection is not marked as unavailable.

After a request has been submitted for a showing, confirmation emails can be sent to you and/or the home seller to approve the chosen time slot. Preferences can also be set to automatically approve showings if neither the listing agent nor seller wishes to approve showings.

Once the appropriate parties click the 'Yes' or 'No' option in the confirmation email, the prospect or showing agent will receive an email notifying them that their showing appointment has been approved.

Reminder emails can be set to automatically go out to you, the seller, and the showing agent an hour prior to the scheduled showing appointment to avoid no-shows.

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