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HomeFeedback® REALTOR® Software

HomeFeedback® is a REALTOR® feedback system to help you easily and efficiently obtain feedback from real estate agents after they show your listings.

HomeFeedback® helps you save time and communicate more effectively with your clients by presenting them with the feedback directly from the showing agents and their buyers. Once sellers begin to read feedback through this innovative REALTOR® software, they will be more apt in making necessary changes to speed the sale of the listing.

HomeFeedback® is web-based REALTOR® software that can be used by individual realtors, real estate teams, or real estate brokerages. Give yourself an edge over the competition by adding HomeFeedback® to your arsenal today.



  • Sellers love HomeFeedback® – they can login to their private seller console to view feedback for themselves and make necessary changes to get their property sold.
  • Builds Realtor/Seller Relationship – bridge the communication gap and communicate effectively with sellers through this REALTOR® software.
  • Sell your listings faster – with HomeFeedback® serving showing agent's comments, the seller will be less likely to argue when it comes time for price reductions.
  • Time saver – HomeFeedback® system works with SentriLock and Supra lockboxes via Showing Sync® and connects to your MLS via Listing Sync to eliminate the need for any data entry.
  • It keeps you in control – Dashboard allows you to see recent feedback requests and responses along with easy access to system features.
  • Tablet friendly version optimized for Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox Mobile version available for all smart phones.
  • Contacting showing agents is easy – use the e-blast feature to easily send quick announcements about the listing (price reduction, open house, etc) to agents that have shown the property.
  • Win listings over competitors – add the service to your website and listing presentation to show potential sellers how you can provide feedback vs. your competition.
  • Available in Showing Suite™ bundles and integrates with our entire line-up of REALTOR® software.


Get a glimpse of what's inside a HomeFeedback account by checking out the images above.


How it works

Whenever one of your listings is shown, the showing agents’ contact information is entered into the HomeFeedback® REALTOR® software.

Showing information can be manually entered into the system, or automatically pulled from SentriLock or Supra lockboxes via Showing Sync®.

HomeFeedback® will then follow-up through a series of emails requesting feedback from the showing agent and their clients.

Once the showing agent responds to the feedback request, HomeFeedback® will then distribute the responses to both the listing agent (you) and the home seller. If the showing agent fails to respond, the system will alert you and your seller.

Additionally, the seller can login to their very own private seller console to see the list of registered showings, review feedback gathered, statistical reports, any comments you have left, and more.

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