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I have been a very satisfied user of since 2007.

I tell my sellers in listing presentations that I will email every agent that comes through the property and, if possible, get them written feedback on each showing. I have seen a response rate from agents of about 70% to the emails sent with the system. I am happy with that - much happier than calling agents who are in the middle of something else and who do not remember the property they showed the day before. It makes much more sense to give the agent the opportunity to see photos of the property and gather themselves to give a thoughtful response. I edit down my questions to just 4-5 that I really want the answer to, like "If your buyer has rejected the property - why?" I use the reports with my sellers too. The reports are particularly helpful with price reductions.

In an economy where we are cutting our expenses to the bone, this is one service I would not give up.

Diane Reiling
RE/MAX Eastside Brokers, Inc

We (my husband and I) carry anywhere from 70-100 listings. Showing suite has been invaluable to us. Our clients love it! It saves us time and $ and provides real information to our sellers in a timely manner. We can look online anytime to see how many showings, who showed it and the feedback, which is a great tool for our weekly calls to our sellers. Also, the seller gets quick feedback from each individual showing.

It helps because the feedback is straight from the agent and the client can feel comfortable that they are getting accurate, timely feedback so that we can consult and make adjustments as needed to get the property sold. Thanks!

Wendy Lockhart
Lockhart & Associates

Showing suite is great, and it saves me hours of calls every week that I would otherwise have to make. My client's really appreciate the service, and best of all, it is all automatic! Thanks Showing Suite, for giving me back my valuable time.

Byeloth Hermanson
Keller Williams

I wanted to send this email to your attention, that in today's times Customer Service seems to be very hard to find!!

Your employee Tiffany, in customer service should be cloned truly!! Her dedication to me today answering every question to the utmost degree is a valuable asset to your company as well as to me & my company and all my clients who appreciate Home Feedback's quality service and Tiffany's Quality Customer Service!!

Tiffany deserves a Quality Customer Service Award or Recognition for a JOB WELL DONE!!

Jimmy Pliego
John L. Scott / Mercer Island

I was a customer of for several years and really enjoyed the service. I had someone offer me a better price and another feedback service. After several other company services for feedback, I have come home to No one can match the rate of return on the feedback, the questions and ability to customize the questions and the consistency of getting the feedback out to my clients. Other companies have let me down and I have returned to your system. For anyone looking for a great system that is consistent and reliable, this is it. Don't be fooled by others that say they can deliver, DOES deliver.

Rita Driver
The Driver Team

Homefeedback is simple to implement, provides concise and measurable feedback for my sellers, and easy activity tracking for me, the listing agent. Clients appreciate the great customer service and recognize when a price adjustment or improvement in showing condition is needed.

Affordable, easy to use tool that makes me look good with the clients – what more could you ask for?

Nancy Venuti
The Venuti Group, Inc.

A cooperating broker showed one of my listings recently and was so impressed with the HomeFeedback system, she said she'd list her own home with me!

Kyle Kershner
Ski Country Real Estate

I have used for about a year now. This is one of the best decisions I have made in my career.

Not only will it email the agents your feedback questionnaire. It will allow you to have all your documents for your clients to view anytime. Anything in a PDF format can be placed under documents, so the listing agreement, home inspection, termite inspection, HUD Statement, etc. So your clients don't have to call and ask can you resend me X. Also I have begun to PDF the ads and placed them on the document section so my clients see the ad for themselves.

Also, I use the activity and comments section for any correspondence throughout the transaction. Your clients can view this at anytime and know when you placed ads, called the other agent, etc. That way they know you are working for them constantly. This is a great database for your properties.

Also, I have begun using the system for buyers and my property management as well. Eventhough it says seller. They know when everything is scheduled. For a low monthly fee you can't beat this system for your business.

Thank you

Tammy Coleman
Re/Max Alliance

I've been using the system for over 2 years. I've seen dramatic changes in our feedback response rates using I no longer spend hours calling Showing Agents to get feedback on a listing with little to no results. Our sellers love being able to login to see the feedback on their home. It makes it much easier to discuss price reductions with sellers and to discuss things a seller can do to have their home show better as the feedback is right from the showing agents. I like the fact that I can customize the questions to fit a specific listing/seller. The HomeFeedback system is continually being updated and is constantly improving to meet REALTOR needs.

Brenda O'Brien
Long Realty Company

I wanted to take a moment to commend you on your program. I was referred to you almost a year ago by my broker, who has been using your system for all of his many clients (including many multi-million dollar properties). Since switching over to your system, I have found great success in capturing feedback for my listings. Before I started using HomeFeedback, I had a hard time managing the daily activities of maintaining my listings, including tracking down selling agents to get feedback from their clients. When I did get in touch with them, some of them couldn't even remember the property. With your system, I can take just a little bit of time upload my listing into the system, and then HomeFeedback automatically sends out email requests with pictures and property information to listing agent. They also send responses to my clients for me! This saves me a significant amount of time and makes me look great in front of my clients. It also takes the onus off of me in getting the feedback as a request automatically goes out after each showing. From all aspects of the business, you guys do a great job. Thank you so much.

J.P. Benedict
Long Realty, The FOX Group

I think the service you provide is one of the best we can bring to our clients. They deserve good feedback and with we get twice the feedback, more timely, and with less than half the effort.

Terri and Paul Guess
Prudential California Realty

After less than 2 months on your system, I can say that I am sold. I have had three clients (sellers) that have called and asked me to lower the listing price. These were clients that had stated previously that they were firm and would not consider a reduction in price. I also like hearing from other agents about things that I have discussed in the past with sellers. This just reaffirms the importance of the item. Whether it is landscape maintenance, painting, clean up, old appliances, pet odors or neighbors, it helps when other agents reinforce your previous requests.

Steve Hirschler
The Tim Wood Group, Coldwell Banker Mountain Gallery

I have used for a few years and I have found that it has helped my sellers realise that their property is worth what a buyer is willing to pay for the home. I take a printout of the Homefeedback summary to the offer presentation which puts everything in perspective. Thank you for this excellent service.

Phil Sybal
Royal LePage Estate Realty

I've been using for several months. I can tell you that my Seller and Clients just LOVE the service I provide them. It's like having the internet at my fingertips 24/7 ... without being online all day long. As soon as a Realtor shows one of my properties they are imediately notified via email that I'm requesting feedback and in turn I send them a $5 Starbucks giftcard. That always gets them to respond and my Clients thank me constantly for the feedback! I love!

Prudential California Realty

Homefeedback has been a vital resource in communicating with my sellers. It allows me to keep track of showings, get prompt responses, and measurable data I can share with my client about the activity on their home. It also allows us to send mass email to all who showed the home when has a status or price change...GREAT resource to have in today's real estate industry.

Bobby Martins
Re/Max Associates

Wow! Talk about a "Great System" I have many systems in place but this one is a no brainer. It keeps the sellers informed and information is power. You don't have to be the constant bearer of Bad News. When you need a price reduction the sellers are already prepared. Very efficient. Great tool for keeping past showing agents informed of all changes int he listing. I love it.

Matthew Shepard
Keller Williams Realty

Darryl & I have been members of HomeFeedback™ since January 2006. Your program is fantastic and in my opinion, one of the best marketing and follow up tools that I possess.

Jody Green
Prudential Georgia Realty

My wife signed up for the beta testing of ShowingSync™ and it is working out great. I beleive this is the most cost effective tool that we have bought for our real estate busineess. I can't imagine why any agent still faxes "showing reports" without pictures or pays assisstants to call for feedback. Thank You for this service.

John and Kristi Horton
RE/MAX Services

We used home feedback on all of our listings in 2007 and hope to do the same in 2008.

Our sellers really liked the program and particularly appreciated seeing the other agents comments as soon as we did. Made our job much easier in convincing our client to make changes we suggested. A very valuable tool.

Dick Clark
Prudential CA Realty

We have subscribed to HomeFeedback for several years. We have been extremely pleased with the constant revisions and updates to the 'state of the art' HomeFeedback system. The ease of use and the many functions it offers has been a godsend! And, at an extremely affordable monthly fee!

Prior to taking advantage of the HomeFeedback system, typical agent response to showings ranged from zero to 5%. Since subscribing to HomeFeedback, responses have zoomed to an average of 80%! Our clients love receiving 'frank' agent responses directly from the buyer agent (in anonimity). It is great for our agents as they do not have to 'sugar coat' feedback, and multiple requests for their feedback sent to the Seller further enhances our visibility to our clients.

Any agent who does not take advantage of the HomeFeedback system is missing out on a valuable tool for communicating with their clients 24/7!

Ed Stebbins

What I really like about HomeFeedback™ is that it will also give an automated response when a showing agent does not respond to the seller. A lot of agents use it in Omaha and showing response is getting pretty good. It very reasonable on the price as well. I receive no compensation for endorsement either. It is just a great tool.

David Matney
Alliance Real Estate

The feedback response rate is much higher with HomeFeedback™ than with other systems (Calling, faxing, etc.). The reporting is a great tool for keeping my Sellers informed about what people are saying about their home, as well as keeping me informed, too. All this and it takes less time to get the feedback compliled than any other method I've seen. It's a great product. Please don't tell my competitors!

Jim Bishop
Prudential CA Realty

I have been using HomeFeedback™ for as long as they have been in business. The features are marvelous and the client can get the feedback direct and even upload the info of who did the showing. There is nothing better in the industry that gets better results. I suggest that you sign up as quickly as you can. Thats is my experience. Hope you enjoy your new found credibility with your clients.

William Johnson
RE/MAX Associates

I have always been a great supporter of the HomeFeedback™ system. The beauty of this system is it takes me out of the loop with feedback. It allows the Seller to hear what they need to hear direct from the showing agent rather than filtered through me. It is a great listing tool, it makes getting a price reduction a snap and it helps a Seller come to terms with the aspects of their home which may not be plus to Buyers. It is invaluable in my business.

April Aubery
Prudential CA Realty

I've used this service now for a little over a month and have had unbelievable response from it! I'd estimate about 70-80% of the agents who show my listings have completed the online survey so my sellers are THRILLED! Definitely worth a try for any agent who wants more feedback and more free time away from calling showing agents!

Ryan Hukill
Hukill Group - Paradigm Realty

I have been using their system for 4 months or so and I love it. I get over 90 percent response on showings and its so easy to setup. My assistant just puts in the emails of who showed the listing and the system does the rest. I have it setup so that it emails the seller as well with exactly what the showing agent had to say about the property.

Dustin Keeth
Windermere Real Estate

Well, I just had a client call my business partner Lora Martin who had a long conversation about price reductions. After six plus months of the home being on the market (1939 Seabreeze St. in Thousand Oaks) and numerous suggestions from us about reducing the price, he finally agreed only after receiving feedback from HomeFeedback™ did it convince him to make the reduction. Mind you we've been sending him feedback results the entire time but our word didn't matter. It was after he accumulated enough emails from HomeFeedback™, agents suggesting that the price was too high that it made sense. So, my hats off to you. This unbiased, direct from the horses mouth feedback has made a world of difference to our business.

Michael Radonic
Prudential CA Realty

If you haven't got on board with this product yet, you might want to consider it. Their slogan is so true, once you have a HomeFeedback™ system automated you can remove yourself from any of the blame for not getting feedback after a showing. Not to mention sometimes you will get those comments you really need that another Realtor might not say over the phone or in person, such as, house stinks, outside is in poor condition. We have had many successes with HomeFeedback, and the nice graphs it makes of our feedback results are great to show your sellers during the listing and after the close. "Look, I showed your property to 25 people in 2 weeks, and got feedback from 20 of them, and 85% thought it was priced to high, now Mr. seller, they are right and we need to lower the price."

Elizabeth & Justin Thayer
Keller Williams

I have been using HomeFeedback™ for several months now, and not only has it given me a tool to communicate easily with my clients, it has given me a weapon in my listing presentation arsenal. I provide statistics on how many listings change agents, and the lion's share of them are due to lack of communication. HomeFeedback™ gives me that communication vehicle with the click of the mouse.

Last week I had a reduction of price on a listing I have, and I notified all the previous showing agents in a couple of easy steps....something that impressed my client. I would highly recommend HomeFeedback™ to agents, except then I wouldn't have the advantage I have over my competition at this don't tell too many folks!

Randy D. Malkin
DelSol Real Estate

HomeFeedback™ is fantastic. I always wow my clients with the program during my listing presentation and it really helps me keep track of showings. I also like the statistics feature so I can show my clients what the market thinks of their property. It's also great to be able to mass email the showing agents of any price changes and pending offers. HomeFeedback™ is definitely an invaluable tool.

Bryan Devore
Prudential CA Realty

Since I started using HomeFeedback™ my feedback response has gone from almost nothing to at least 90% return! It has enabled me to show tangible proof to my clients of market value on their homes. We all know how important that is!

HomeFeedback™ has provided me with a valuable tool, It has raised the bar of the service that I provide to my clients. I will continue to use this valuable service on all my listings. If you are reading this and considering whether or not this service is worth it, think about this... I can guarantee I will respond to your request if I show one of your properties. Thank you HomeFeedback™

Judy Gratton
Coldwell Banker Bain

I just wanted to let you know how valuable HomeFeedback™ has been to me. After closing a home recently, I asked my buyers to pinpoint what they liked about my service and what I had to offer.

My sellers said that it was the easiest way of communicating with them and to see what buyers thought of their home. It helped me show that the price was originally too high and we made the adjustments and sold the home for a record high in the subdivision. They were very impressed that they could see when their home was shown and what they thought of it. They've sold several homes and they said that this was they had more trust in this deal because they could follow it every step of the way.

The best thing about it was that I didn't waste any time dealing with them and answering their questions about which people viewed and what they thought of the home. I simply entered all showings in the system and they were able to go online when they wanted to see visual representations of what buyers thought of their home.

Rick Wesselhoff
Coldwell Banker First Affiliate

I have used the HomeFeedback™ system for just a few months. The response from my Sellers is incredible. The Sellers are online checking their feedback, sometimes before I have had a chance to view it. Based on the feedback the Sellers themselves view, they call me asking to lower their list price. Truly an amazing tool! I will always use HomeFeedback™.

Thanks again for making my job so much easier.

Sandy Goodsell

HomeFeedback™ is excellent tool for both Agents and Sellers! It allows both parties to be at the Heartbeat of the showing activity of a home. Additionally, it allows everyone to receive feedback using a format that is more impersonal. Most of the time with phoned in request, agents are too afraid to tell you the truth. In the form of an email, we have discovered agents will tell you the truth and are very insightful with their comments. Plus, the feedback received can be used in a way that gets the seller do what they need to do to get their home Sold. The Listing agent is no longer the Bad Guy, you are just relaying the information the showing agents have given to you. This system is far superior to any other I've seen. Our response rate is around 55-60%, versus the antiquated call-in method being less than 10%. Plus what we receive here is useful!

Mark Spain
Re/Max Greater Atlanta

Almost Makes You Feel Sorry For Your Competitors!

Excerpt from ePOWER newsletter...

* ePOWER! TIP #2: How To Turn Showing Feedback Into A Powerful Competitive Weapon! ...

Getting agents that show your listings to provide useful feedback can be a big problem. Assembling that feedback into a powerful presentation for your seller's consideration is a lot of work.

Both of these issues "go away" with a very clever and inexpensive new online service called HomeFeedback™ which can be found at I spent some time with the CEO of HomeFeedback™ as he explained the service and listened to some suggestions that I had (they do listen, BTW --a very good sign for a "dot-com" these days!) This service essentially automates the process of requesting and entering feedback from showing agents. It will send out at least 3 e-mail requests (which you can customize, like just about everything else in the system) until there is a response. Showing agents just fill out a simple form on the Web, which then gets automatically compiled into very attractive looking statistics to show the seller. Very cool, very well done.

These folks have really thought this through with nice extra touches like enabling you to create and offer any kind of incentive (i.e. lottery tickets, participate in a large drawing, etc.) to entice agents to report back on their showings. Now imagine going on a listing appointment and showing the prospective seller how you can give them real-time feedback on the showing / marketing process --it almost makes you feel sorry for your competitors!

This is one of those services that really leverages the Internet in a way that makes you look like the hero, beats the uninformed competition, and makes your job a whole lot easier!

Michael Russer 'Mr. Internet'
CEO People-Centric

The HomeFeedback™ system is incredible. I picked up three listings in just over a month that were attributed to this system. Here is how I started using HomeFeedback™:

I was speaking with a potential Seller about marketing their home. They had a wonderful home with over 3000 sqft. in a nice neighborhood. This is a newer neighborhood (only three year old homes) and there were very little comparable sales to use to establish a List Price on their home. They had informed me over the telephone before we met that they were going to interview three Realtors before making a decision.

I had been trying to get listings in this area. About that time I came across HomeFeedback™. I signed up for the system before I met with the Seller about listing their home. I printed off the marketing materials in color from HomeFeedback™ that show the Seller how the system works. I then implemented this into my marketing book.

When I went to the listing presentation, the Seller was very impressed with my HomeFeedback™ system and how I was going to be able to communicate my marketing plan and the 'Realtor showings' with them. They were transferring out of state and the web based system from HomeFeedback™ was just what they were looking for. No long distance phone calls and voicemail to get information. They could log-on 24 hours a day to check the status of the listing.

I won the listing and began marketing their home at a price that I thought might be a little too high. Does this sound familiar? But with HomeFeedback™ my clients were able to get the results of the 'showings' on their home immediately and directly from the Realtors that showed their home. This is very powerful. I was able to get a price reduction after only two weeks due to the fact we had ten showings with no offers. The HomeFeedback™ statistics showed that many Buyers' thought the price was too high.

I lowered the price and sold the home soon after. The Seller was very pleased. The Seller told their neighbor about my HomeFeedback™ system and how I was able to communicate with them even though they were out of state. The Neighbor was considering selling their home but was worried that the market may be slow and that they would not get their home sold in a reasonable amount of time.

I printed off the Showing Statistics for my listing from HomeFeedback™ and took them over to the Neighbor. When he saw that we had sixteen showings and then sold the home he was very excited. He then listed his home with me and I sold that one also.

This system is great! It has saved me countless hours of follow-up on showings, as well as convincing Seller's to lower their price on listings. It is also a great marketing tool to use.

I plan on having much success using HomeFeedback™!

Erik Gerth
RE/MAX Metro